Meet Jacob

Certified Coach & Spiritual Practioner

When Jacob started his journey he was just 7 years old! What introduced him to this path was being gifted a tarot deck and having fun experiences with those. This sparked a passion within him and he then grew out and found more about his gifts like mediumship and psychic abilities. Of course, he didn't know what was going on but with he help of his first mentor Jacqui Carpenter. She helped him realize what he was going through wasn't him losing his mind but connecting with those who have passed. Years after that he met Angelio Nasios and Barbara Moore and they both helped him on his journey of learning tarot even in the hardest times of his life. 

Jacob's life isn't all successful though. Growing up he suffered from MDD which stands for Major Depressive Disorder and Severe Anxiety. Because of these two mental health conditions he suffered from feeling alone and pushing people away which was hard for him in many ways of his life. His relationship with his family and friends became distant and from that he became suicidal. With help and love he slowly realized that he wasn't alone and started to get better. 

Today Jacob lives MDD free and lives happily helping others in their life.