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Cedar Rapids Iowa

©2019 by Veritas Divine Arts. 

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1 on 1 Coaching with Jacob

Helping You Transform into a Confident, Beautiful, and Master of  The Universe 

That You Are! 

Who Do I


Work With?

I works with those who feel they have passions and desires that drive them in life! But also are imaginative and have dreams of having new possibilities in there life! They are also strive for meaning.

What Do My 


 Clients Struggle



My clients usually struggle with mostly putting themselves second and others first through life. They also feeling like they don't know where they belong or who they are anymore in life. This effects if they can confidently make choices or not in life that comes from the heart. 

If This Sounds Like You Keep Reading

Helping You Discover The Powerful Soul You Are From Within 

Where Are You Right Now? How Can I help?   


I know where you are at right now. For the longest time I was stuck and I suffered from depression, anxiety and extreme amounts of stress. This caused me to feel lonely, regret, self-hate, lack of confidence, confused, and lost in life. All of these things made my life feel like hell! The first step for me to get better though was to admit that I didn't know who I was.Through time and a ton of self hard work I then started to get better. So with that said I can positively say that I know where you are and how to help you! And for some reason the universe brought you to MY SITE and that has to mean something! Can't wait to hear from you soon!  

What Kind Of Transformation Will You Get From Coaching?

My Promises of Transformations To You! 

  • Having Confidence to live without regret

  • Loving Your Life! Even through the hardest of times

  • Having a deep connection with your higher self

  • Being a master of the Law of Attraction

  • To never feel alone again

  • Not to worry what others think of you anymore

  • To conquer to shadow side and your demons and not see them again

  • Knowing and Living your Life Purpose! 

Let's Make It Happen!

Nothing is more important in this world other than your happiness! And the first thing to do to have that is by taking your first step by working with


What is My Way of Coaching? 

My Coaching method comes from years of experiences in holistic healing, life lessons, and memberships that I have had through out the years. My coaching is more focused on your core self and how you are more than the issues that you struggle with right now. This is because I believe in order to fix issues in the now, you have to work from the beginning and the inner self first. I also take a holistic approach to my coaching because I know that beliefs are super important and help make you who you are today. 

Lastly I ask a ton of questions! The reason is because I believe the best coach doesn't have all the answers. They have all the right questions because questions are what gives you the power to make your own choices!

Taking The Next Step

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Contact me to then be able to discuss more about what is going on in your life and discover your truth.

Choose The Coaching Package

Pick or even create the different packages that I offer Below.

Start Living as The Powerful Soul You Are

Transforming into a Confident, Beautiful, and Master of The Universe Soul That You Are! 

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