Looking Back At My First Professional Reading

Updated: Jun 19

Hello Lovely Souls!

Today I was thinking back to the first reading that I did professionally with tarot and how amazingly well I did. Now when I say professionally I don’t mean I had a business set up because at the time I wasn’t 18, but I did charge for the reading so that way I could get more tarot decks or just buy the things that I wanted at the time. I know that this isn’t the most exciting subject for those who don’t charge for readings, but it is something I thought I would share as it’s not something I talk about all that much. With that said let’s go down memory lane!

During the summer I went with my dad to his Slowpitch softball game and at the time he played professionally with a team. Well, one day as I knew I would be there all day and throughout most of the night because it was on the Fourth of July, and so I thought it would be a good idea to bring my tarot decks. Now I only had 3 decks during this time, they were the Universal RWS, Crystal Visions, and the Shadowscapes Tarot decks. These decks were honestly the decks that I thought were the most beautiful decks I have ever seen. Well during that day I had the thought of what if I charged and did readings for people with these cards that I thought were so beautiful. Now to clarify I have been reading only for about 2 years at the time just for myself, but never remembered how accurate the readings were so I just brushed them off and kept studying. Well around noon while everyone had a break to eat my father’s team and I sat down and I was shuffling my cards. My father’s softball manager said that I should read for me. My father laughed as he’s not a believer, but I was and so I said yeah! I charge $5 for a 3 card readings. The manager responded with a “fuck yeah” and handed me a 5 and so I did the reading.

The three cards I got were 3 of Pentacles, 9 of Swords, and 10 of swords. If you read tarot you know that the combination of the last two isn’t exactly the best in the RWS tarot meanings. So I gave a chuckle and said oh wow. I then went on to describe the reading and though I don’t remember all of what I said, I do remember pieces. So the 3oP is one of those things that I said and don’t remember at all the other two I remember really well. So when we hit the 9oS and the 10oS and the reading went like this.

“The 9oS says that you are actually struggling with sleeping lately because of your anxiety. I don’t think that you are depressed, but because of these sleepless nights I think that you’re having signs of depression.”

(His jaw opened and he gave a slight gasp and his wife blurted out yes he has. He then went on to explain that just a few nights ago he went to the hospital because of a really bad anxiety attack! They also diagnosed him with severe anxiety and thought he had signs of depression so suggested that he should see a therapist).

Moving on to the 10oS. “Now when I look at the next card this tells me that things are going to get worse almost like the hard work you put into getting better just got worse. Kind of like that work didn’t matter.”

He said okay that makes sense and it went with most about the tournament that they were in that day. Well, later that night they were in the final game and lost the very last game coming second. Now I don’t know if that would’ve been something that I would count as the outcome for me, but the words he said here “Nice try guys! We put in a lot of hard work and training for today, but we did great.” When he said that his wife looked at me and said damn you’re good and spot on. Let’s fast forward because there’s another part to this story.

A couple of weeks after we went to another tournament and of course I brought my cards but when I saw him he approached me and said the following. “Hey thank you for the reading, you were great and spot-on as I reached out for help with everything and thought I was getting better, but two (or three, (I’m just typing what I wrote in my journal lol), nights ago I went to the hospital again for anxiety and I thought I put in this work to get better for nothing.” It was in that moment, that exact moment the confidence I gained in my readings today came from because it showed me how accurate I was and that I could use this to help people. So that’s what put me further down the path of doing this professionally.

Now I do hope you enjoyed this story, but what was the meaning of me telling you this? Well, the thing is, I get a lot of questions on how can I boost my confidence and trust what the cards are telling me enough to charge. And I typically don’t have the best of answers because this is where my mind goes, to this memory. So now that you know what I think of how about I give an answer to that question.

If you are struggling with having the confidence that you are good enough to charge for readings the best answer is to be like the fool and take a leap. Without putting your head out there you won’t know if you can actually do this or not. And I do believe that you should know the cards inside and out essentially, but the first customer you have just explain to them what you are feeling. I know this sounds weird but that honesty is so important because if you tell them that, they are more likely to relax as they might be feeling the same with you being maybe their first reader. You never know what will happen until you do it. Now if you get bad results just give the money back and say sorry and keep practicing. Don’t let that failure knock you down because there’s no reason for it too. That’s just your sign to say that you should keep studying and try again when you feel more comfortable with the cards.

I hope you enjoyed this little story and that maybe I can hear from you what your story is as well! As always I hope you have a great day and I send tons of love to you on your journey!