Tarot- Should You read Them During A Crisis

Crisis- a stage in a sequence of events at which the trend of all future events, especially for better or for worse, is determined; a turning point.” ( We all have times of when we get upset and start to fall apart in our lives and what better way of turning to our tarot cards right? Well, there is something to keep in mind as reading during times where our emotions are heightened could make reading the cards even worse. So what I hope to do with this blog post is to share my experiences with this and to give you maybe some guidelines if and when you read your tarot cards during this time (p.s. This can apply to more than just tarot cards, but will mainly focus on tarot). During this post, I will be telling you a couple of different experiences that I went through to help you see my point of view on this subject. But first I want to talk about the difference between Tarot and Therapy.

While I was preparing to write this blog I reached out to a friend of mine who wanted to stay anonymous for this blog. He is someone who used to be a professional tarot reader but is now becoming an amazing therapist. And one of the things that we talked about is how tarot isn’t something that replaces therapy. I agreed with this as it’s true because tarot is something that helps people connect with their subconscious mind then getting answers. That’s how I like to read tarot as well. Helping someone make choices by using the cards to see more of what’s happening in the now. And Therapy is completely different than tarot. Therapy is long term and is really the thing that will help you get answers. Tarot is quick answers and is kind of like a bandaid in most situations whereas a therapist is a doctor really helping you heal and closing up that wound. Of course, this is a personal opinion that he and I share, but it is true.

When you look at a tarot reader they will have maybe 3 out of 10 people they read come back and become a recurring client, whereas a therapist actually has their clients come back about 9.5 out of ten times. The half is for the fact that the client will stay for a period of time until they want help in an area that may be their therapist doesn’t like to cover so they see someone else. Tarot isn’t like that where someone comes back for more sessions to really see the help that the cards can actually give. Now using them in that way isn’t as reading, it’s more like a “counseling” session. A great resource is the book “Tarot at a Crossroads” By Kooch Daniels and Victor Daniels. But even with this form of reading, it doesn’t replace therapy. But I don’t mean to offend anyone by this as it’s honestly my opinion on the fact that tarot isn’t something to turn to when we are going through a crisis. Now let’s go ahead and look at my experiences when I turned to tarot for answers while I was going through an emotional crisis.

I want to start with my most recent moment where I was really just falling apart in my life and

things just felt like they kept getting worse with no light. Now this moment was a break-up and everyone has gone through them at some point. For me, It was my first time living with someone and my second long term relationship. When it happened it really was out of nowhere and I didn’t know what to do. So I moved out of the house and the thought I kept having was, why not ask my tarot cards what will happen. So I got out the Rider Waite Tarot and pulled three cards that were the Three of Swords, Two of Pentacles, and the Ten of Cups. Well, those three cards are probably three cards that you could see as hopeful and amazing to read. Looking at this as I would for a client, I would read this a bit differently from how I read this in the past. The Three of swords explains the break-up of course and how the process of grief started. The two of pentacles at the time, I read that it showed a waiting period and that I will have to learn to live on my own and to just focus on working on myself. From there the 10 of Cups I read as my ex-partner and I getting back together.

Reading this now I wouldn’t read those cards like that. I would read the three of swords as the only card that stays the same. But the two of pentacles to me would represent me needing to look at my life and what it is a truly wanted to work on in my life as my future is on its way and I am going to need to figure out soon. The Ten of Cups would then represent me being happy with my choice than seeing things work out for me emotionally as I would be able to move on once I make this choice. This would be the better way of reading this, but during this time I wanted to read it as a hopeful outcome for me and my heart. So with my brain being in what I call “Crisis Mode” I wasn’t able to read this in the best way possible. Though we all have readings where we would change what we would say, this reading gave me more pain than I needed because it was hope that I didn’t need. At the time what I needed was the truth and to be told that I need to work on healing myself and getting back to doing what I love.

Let’s look at another example of when I was reading for a client from Etsy and this reading was probably the worse reading that I have ever done. I never should’ve sent this reading to them as it wasn’t the best that I could’ve done. I was doing a Grand Tableau Reading and it was 2 days after my grandmother had passed. During this time I was telling myself that my grandma would hate the fact that I took time out of work to mourn and that was probably the worse thing to have done. What I should’ve done was continue to cry and just mourn my loss. I did the reading and the review I got wasn’t that great. Now I would write what the review was, but I don’t have Etsy anymore and though I might create another one, I don’t know. But the review was 1 star bad. Which honestly broke my self-confidence even more. I messaged the lady and explained the situation to her and did another reading for her. After that reading, she said that it was amazing and that it was spot on. But the difference was that I did the reading after I stopped grieving my grandmother and took time to heal. That experience taught me that I will not read during a time of grief for myself and would just say that I will take the time to heal before any readings.

So what do you do when you are going through a crisis? Well maybe going to a different tarot reader might be a good idea as if we read for ourselves, we’ll search for the answer that we want. But going to another reader can be great as they will give you an answer that they see and it might not be what you want to hear. Even that though won’t do long term help like going to a therapist or a counselor would. Even doing a mixture could do great as well, but know that during a crisis tarot will typically be a bandaid more than a permanent fix to your situation.

Now that I have said everything, I want to make this clear as this is an opinion based belief. For me, I don’t read for those who are in crisis mode and nor do I go to my cards during a crisis anymore. For me, it doesn’t do someone any good as one will typically just seek for the answers that they want and block out everything else. So if you have a different opinion than me I encourage you to share it with me because I love to learn more about what others think about this area.

By Jacob

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