The Importance of A Daily Practice

Updated: May 2

While I was starting to build my knowledge with tarot I would start reading my cards every day. Now I didn’t do it at an exact time every single day like I used to, but it still helped me to learn more and more about the cards. So I started to actually move forward and started doing my practice of the craft more and more. Because of that, I started to actually get really comfortable with it and it felt like it was second nature with my tools/ practice. I don’t talk about it a lot, but it’s because it’s something that tends to scare people a lot when I bring it up in teachings. So with that, I thought I would go ahead and make this to help those who aren’t afraid of the commitment that it takes.

Let’s go ahead and get started with what is a daily practice? Well, a daily practice is exactly as it sounds. It’s something that you practice daily to help get comfortable or better at something. And in this case, most actually do daily practices in the tarot community as it helps them get more comfortable with the cards and also they become better readers as they learn how to read the cards more accurately in different situations. But this does help with more than just tarot. If you practice any sort of divination or practice the craft by doing it daily or even weekly you’ll see results that will grow through time. As long as you don’t give up or be lazy at it, you can see amazing rewards from it. For those who are running a business, it’s not a bad idea to even share your practice with others as it shows people that your willing to share something personal with them so they can trust you with something personal as well.

How can I do a Daily Practice? This was a hard question for me because I actually didn’t know what to work on, but I started to remember that I have a bunch of tools under my belt so I just used them at first. Every day I would sit with a new tarot deck and connect with it or one of my casting systems. This helped me in a couple of different ways in starting my practice. It got me to be more passionate about something and gave me an idea of how much time I want to spend a day doing this and for me, it’s only thirty minutes max that I like to do my practice. So when I started to change it to more of a witchy practice it wasn’t that hard for me because I would sit with my book of shadows and divination tools.

I know that doesn’t tell you how to build your practice, but here are some guidelines that you might find useful as I did. The first guideline is to make sure you’re doing something that you love and incorporating it the practice. This will keep you wanting to do it every day and not get burnt out so easily. The second is to figure how much time and what time do you want to do it? For me, I use to do it in the evening, but it just didn’t really work the way I wanted it too so a couple of months ago I do it about an hour after I woke up so I can eat and get my coffee then start my practice. Doing this actually helped me and kept my energy up throughout the day without feeling drained. Lastly don’t force anything? This is probably the most important thing because if you don’t feel like it’s important to do that day or you’re just not up for it then don’t do it because then it will feel like a chore.

When should I do my practice? This is tricky for most people and the part that most feel takes the most commitment. I don’t have my practice be a 9:30-10 am every single day as it makes me feel like it’s a chore to do. So to help with that I actually decided to do it an hour I wake up as that can change and about that time I actually start to feel the most energetic. I do know that isn’t for everyone but it’s what worked for me really. So don’t be afraid to try different times and experiment. It’s more important to be flexible with your practice at first as it will help you more down the road than help you than doing it all at once.

Do I need to Include anything in my practice? The best way to answer this is- do you? If not then don’t. A lot of people I know who start doing a daily practice get pretty scared of starting one because they think they need to get candles, crystals, oils, and all this stuff which you actually don’t. The only three things I think that are important to include are- you, a space dedicated to your practice, and lastly something you want to practice. Those are really the only three things you actually need. I would add a journal in my own opinion, but I do know many of my friends don’t actually like to use one during it. That’s not to say no one does, because a lot of the people I talk to and a lot of the youtube videos you might come across online. That is really up to you though, not anyone else.

So now let’s talk about what I do, shall we? I would’ve made a video for this, but I thought it’s better for you to just imagine it as you read this to help you actually set it up. But if it becomes something that people suggest I will make a video for it and have it up asap. Now here is what I do every morning.

  1. After I eat and grab my coffee I go to my office and let my intuition draw me to what divination tool I want to use and how I can incorporate it in my craft.

  2. Once the tool is chosen I go ahead and meditate and figure out a color and question I want to focus on for the day.

  3. Now I have the beginning of my daily practice set up I go ahead and use my tool to help to answer the question I set up for the day.

  4. I then do a prayer to the deity that I follow to help guide me on my question for the day and guide me to the proper path for the day.

Four steps I know it’s not much, but it is actually the four steps I need to make my day successful for me. If you decide to take my practice and incorporate it into your own or make your own practice, I do hope that this does help you!