What To Do When Readings Are Off?

This is something that I see readers talk about quite often and though I think that this isn’t an area I struggle with, for the most part, I have taken breaks and found that my readings sometimes just don’t feel like they were on point, but how did I know this? I think this is something that is important to be able to catch. For me, I know that when I’m feeling off is when my readings feel like they last forever and I just repeat myself. Now I don’t mean repeat myself to a client that needs to hear something, but all of my readings just seem to be saying the same thing. This is pretty common in my opinion when you see new readers, but when you see an experienced reader doing this, something might be up. The other way of figuring this out is just by asking yourself, “do my readings feel the most empowering or spot-on as they have been?” If the answer is yes then well you should take some time to read this and also review. In this, you will find three other people who gave insight on this subject as well.

So you now you hopefully know that you’re feeling a bit off right? Well, let’s figure out what may be causing this. So the biggest thing for me is stress. When my life starts to get stressful more than usual I tend to just lock myself in my room and watch anime (this happens a lot). But this is okay to do for coping, but not for reading. Another thing could be that you might be getting bored with the readings your doing. This is actually pretty common among readers and I hear it from my students a lot. Lastly one of the other popular reasons is because they are trying all these new things but forget about the basics. Of course, there are more possibilities out there in the world on why you are feeling off, but these are the ones that I find to be the most common.

Typically a lot of people will say practice or go back to the basics and though this works, I don’t find them to be helpful. Who wants to hear that you’re not doing that well so restudy the cards and you’ll be fine. So what I suggest to people is typically different from that as everyone is going to be different. Because of this fact, I know my advice might not be for everyone so I asked some of my friends that read professionally and are good at what they do. I want to go through there suggestions first as they hit on a lot of the stuff I would cover and honestly I want to make some comments on some of them with my experience of trying some of their ways.

Aiydin- Tap Spirit Community Outreach Liason and Practioner

“Soooo how do I get back into it?

It depends, there are three things off the top of my head that I can think maybe the reason.

1. If I am reading for a client, I might check to see how they are feeling, if they are apprehensive, etc. My first feeling of a block or "offness" in a reading normally has to do with the client not being receptive, maybe they are suppressing something that’s coming up for them, or maybe they are anxious. At that point, I take a few moments to just connect and maintain a positive rapport. I may investigate a little.

2. If it's not that, I may look to see this isn't someone else’s' influence in the reading. Sometimes that might an overly attached parent, partner, or friend who has a lot of energy focused on a certain outcome or message in the client’s life.

3. If I am just feeling off on my intuition and the more intuitive messaging side, I will take a moment to recenter by refocusing on the principles of the Tarot: looking for themes, numerology, certain elemental interactions, etc. This allows the "stress" factor on my intuitive side to shift as I look at the analytics and logic of the reading which allows me to reset. It also typically allows me to gain a piece of information I may have missed at the initial entrance into the reading. Normally the piece is crucial and, while initially may have been small, the guides want me to really hone in on it as it's the "right" time to share that particular. At that point, everything typically starts to flow again.”

So Aiydin has been a great friend of mine for a while now and has seen me in my ups and downs. He is my friend that’s good at everything and like my guru honestly. Reading his response though is actually really good as he hits three points that have three different solutions. The first one is that it might be the client because they don’t feel may be as open as they think they are. This is pretty common for those who do phone or in-person readings. This isn’t something that I do as I always forget to when my client does come off a bit closed off, but this is actually a really good way of getting your reading back on track. His second way is to see if it’s someone else outside of the reading who could be “micromanaging” the energy that’s going on. I honestly think this is common when your reading for groups of people or even those under age as they will have their parent or guardian with them. This is honestly pretty hard to fix or find a solution honestly and that’s why Aiydin probably didn’t say much here as it really is hard to try and get them away from the reading. Typically when this happens though I ask the other people I’m not reading to leave the room or if they don’t want to, I’ll ask them to not intervene with the reading while it’s going on. Might even do some cord-cutting. His last reason is about him and no one else. The way he does is it is to really just recentering and going back to review the basics! This is amazing as it’s really good to do and even as Aiydin said, it helps him get that crucial information that he may be “missing” in the reading. I love this as it’s great suggestions that are really good.

Delffin- The Queerophant

“Whenever I’ve taken a break or had a fallow period when it comes to my personal practice of doing readings I like to come back with a bit of pomp. I find that making it a special event helps me get back into the flow of things.

So what I’ll do it for my first reading in a while I’ll perform a full-on ritual to get myself in the right headspace and reconnect with my spirits and guides. I don’t tend to have a set ritual as I don’t have a super rigid practice, I like to do what feels right at the moment. The basics of the ritual will be to light a candle, some incense or other smoke cleansing, call upon any beings I wish to have bear witness, I shake myself up (esp shoulders arms and hands) to get my energy flowing, and finally proceeding to the reading. Sometimes I do several readings if I’m especially in the witchy mood! If I don’t have a specific topic or question I want to be answered, then I’ll simply ask for a message that one of the beings I work with needs me to hear. If I run out of topics to read for but still feel like reconnecting with my cards then I’ll play the tarot solitaire game called “queens of fate” the tutorial for which can be found on youtube if anyone’s interested!

In order to keep the momentum going, I also like to trawl through tarot challenges tags on Instagram or Tumblr, so that I have a quick reading to do every day so that I can keep in practice.

I walk away from that ritual feeling reconnected and feeling uplifted spiritually!”

Delffin does an amazing job with this as they honestly make tarot seem like a fun game or more of a ritual. Now I have never played “Queens of Fate” until today Honestly it’s so much fun and I learned from “Supportive Tarot” and here is the link if you want to look into this But with this, I actually really enjoyed Delffin’s method as they do one way that is very ritual-based and the other is more fun. So let’s first look at the ritual method. This is pretty common for those who follow a practice/ religion and this is actually amazing because of that. Some people who get bored or feel out of it they just need to spice it up and do something that is going with our practice does help. Now you may do things differently with practice and that’s okay, but honestly, this works because of the beliefs and also it works on the psychological side of things as well. By having a ritual, it allows your mind to switch to this reading mindset as you could call it. This mindset allows yourself to be thinking mostly just about the cards and what they have to say. So I like this method though Delffin might not have been thinking about the psychological side of this method, I still love this method. Now looking at this as the “Queens of Fate” game to play and get yourself back into the flow of things works really well. For me when I was playing it forced me to look at all the cards in the deck as I played multiple games of this to really understand it. It really lets you connect with the cards and if you’re on the side of things with “The Cards as Living Beings” this lets you really understand and connect with your cards. Now I also threw in a way on how you could do this as a reading, but that’s a different subject that I’m not going to go off on. But all in all, I love Delffin’s way of getting themselves back into the cards.

Lucian- Crossed Paths

“Well, I had been out for a while. But I got back into it. Through deck modification, tarot reading practice for the community, and deck collecting got me inspired along with reading different books on different tarot styles: RWS & TdM”

Lucian’s response is very quick and also very good. He modifies his decks which similar to the “Queens of Fate” game, it has him go through all the cards. The other thing is that when you modify a deck you’re making it to be a way that you like the deck. So when I got the Mary-el Tarot by Marie White I fell in love with it as soon as I trimmed and edged them. I honestly didn’t want to work with it, but I knew that I would get my best readings with it and I fell apart because of the boarders. So by doing this it allows you to fall back in love with a deck or to really memorize the cards. Now his other method is to study which is also great as well. I already went into why this is great, but again I love his response as it’s another way to connect with the cards.

I guess it’s my turn right? Well for me I sign a “soul contract” with my cards. Now what I mean by this is that I do a ritual that I call upon a deity of my choice which for me is typically Hecate and I write out everything that I want to be able to do with my cards and my readings. When I am done with that I make some sort of offering (up to you with this) and then sign the list with the cards next to me. I know it sounds weird, but it works for me. Another way is that I do free readings for people. Now I don’t do this as a raffle type thing or anything like that. I typically will actually send a post online saying I’ll be at this place doing readings so if you want to come and get a reading for free you can. This get’s rid of the stress of doing readings for money and allows me to take the time to really go in-depth with my thought process in my readings. I like to essay I have Libraries full of meanings for the cards, but after taking a break or feeling off I like to do free readings for people to slowly go back through these “libraries” and get the card meaning again. So these are the two methods that I love to do, but I also do the ways that were explained by Aiydin, Delffin, and Lucian above. These are all great methods honestly so try them out and play around with them.

Now with all of these methods, I truly hope one of them helps you because honestly, they are all great suggestions. Now if you have any questions for one of these guys feel free to message them as I will put all of their links at the bottom of this post, but honestly they are very insightful when it comes to this area and of tarot. We all struggle with the cards at some point or at multiple points and honestly because of the fact that I took a break recently because my job was taking up a lot of my time and I just didn’t have the energy honestly. But now that I came back I struggled a bit with confidence in my readings, but I got back into the flow of things with suggestions above and it really helped me. So I hope that these help you.