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Cedar Rapids Iowa

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Akashic Records Reading


Within 24 hours of purchase you will recieve an email asking to schedule your reading


The Akashic Records are a source of energy that holds everything about you in your life. This includes things like past lives, soul purpose, and really everything you’d want to know. You can really think of the Akashic Records as the blueprint of your soul or even maybe just a record of everything that is happening with your soul. Now some other things that this reading is great with is that mediumship is another thing that can happen as well during this. There is a lot of information in this reading and a lot of deep soulful healing. Pros of the Akashic Records Discover your life purpose Find more about your past lives Seeing your true soulful self Connecting with your loved ones and guides Relationships in your life Removal of obstacles, fears, or anything that is holding you back Looking at what you can do to create what you want in life Cons of the Akashic Records Readings about time are not great Close ended questions don’t give are the worse to as and so is fortune telling.

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