Tarot Class
This class is a recording of the class I taught. 
Ever wanted to read the Tarot but didn’t know where to start with all of the different sources out there? Well, you wouldn’t be on your own by thinking that as that’s how it was with me. I read many books and watched a ton of youtube videos, but hey didn’t really seem to work the best for me. It wasn’t until Angelo Nasios and I started talking and he was there to answer my questions and boost me forward with reading tarot I probably would’ve given up on reading. After a while of knowing Angelo, he introduced me to the amazing Barbara Moore. From there I kept reading and learning with the help of others until I got comfortable enough to read the cards professionally and without help. 
That is what this class is all about. Helping you get the footing that you might need to get started on your journey of learning the wonderful art of Tarot. Everything that you see below is what you will learn in the class, but also you will learn different tricks and tips to help you when reading the cards for both you and others. And also if you are afraid of forgetting anything from the class, don’t worry! The class will be recorded for you to come back to it anytime! 
Class Course 
Getting acquainted with the Tarot Class
		What is Tarot?
		The Tarot History
		Styles of Tarot Decks and Different Beliefs 

The Tarot Deck
		The Structure of the Tarot Deck
		The Major Arcana Meanings
		The Minor Arcana Meanings 
		Elemental Dignities 

Reading the Tarot Cards 
		The Different Styles of Reading Tarot 
		Different Tarot Spreads 
		Class Review and Putting it Together

Beginner Tarot Class