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Cedar Rapids Iowa

©2019 by Veritas Divine Arts. 

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Jacob Rodriguez


Ever since I was a young age my life was filled with encounters of spirits. I didn't know if I was going crazy or if this was actually something real. It wasn't until I discovered my life a divination and my own psychic/medium gifts. That led me down the road of being a professional psychic medium and teacher of divination. The thing is though I didn't feel like I was making the impact that I wanted to make in peoples lives. That's when I discovered Life Coaching and what it brings to the table with my psychic medium gifts. Soon after I got certified as a Life Coach and when that happened, I mixed the two and became a Spiritual Life Coach. 

Specialty Readings

These are readings that are based on a specific subject and area of your life. These unlike the ones above are the readings that you might get for more general or themed based reading. 

Usually sent through email as a video.