Tarot Therapy

Tarot Therapy

Helping you get all the information you need, to live that empowering life, that's within reach! 

What is Tarot Therapy?

Tarot Therapy is a service that Jacob made for someone to get the most out of a Tarot Reading. It's a mix of life coaching and tarot counseling, mixed into one. By mixing these two it allows someone to get more information in their readings and to make a plan for them to be truly happy. This is also done in multiple sessions, not just one.


Now, this type of service doesn't replace therapy and nor should it be a substitution for it. This service is to help someone get the most out of a tarot reading and to see more accurate results that they are searching for in life. The success of this really all depends, on how open and honest the person is in these sessions

Giving you the tools to live a happy and successful life

How can Tarot Therapy Help You?

Have you ever had a Tarot Reading that was great, but it didn't give you the healing or long term success that you were looking to get from it? Tarot Therapy won't do that as it's designed specifically for you to get the best results you possibly can get in a reading. 

Some things that you can get help with are

  • Gaining the Confidence to live without regret

  • Learning to love your life, even through the hardest of times

  • Becoming the master of the Law of Attraction

  • Finding the love in life that you're searching for

  • Learning to let go of what others think of you

  • Conquering your shadow self!

  • Finding your life's purpose

Let's Make This Happen! 

Nothing is more important in this world than you finding happiness and fulfillment in life! And the first step is by scheduling a consultation with me! 

How Does Someone Sign Up?

Fill out The Tarot Therapy forum

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Contact Jacob 

Email Jacob, to confirm that the forum was submitted and sent so that way he can send an email back.

Talk about plans

After emailing Jacob, you'll get an email talking about scheduling a free consultation, and create a plan that best helps you! 

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What are you hoping to work on through tarot therapy?